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Marc Croteau in St-Petersburg, Russia, in 2008

I am the Global Information Security Architect Director of a large manufacturing company headquartered in Geneva.

Before holding this position, I had many different roles in various companies, but always in Information Technology and for the past 17 years, in IT Security. You can find more details by consulting my Linked-In profile.

I've been living in Europe since 1993: I moved to the Geneva area with my family in 1998 after spending 3 years in Paris and 2 years in Belfort. Before coming to Europe, I lived in Canada: I grew up in Montreal and then joined the Royal Military College of Canada where I completed my Computer Engineering degree in Kingston (Ontario). I then spent 1 year North of Toronto to complete Officer's training and then 4 years in Ottawa at the Canadian Department of Defense Headquarter.

In my spare time, I like to play Pokemon Go, watch some good TV series and fine-tune electronic and multimedia stuff around the house.

I'm also getting pretty good at fixing things around the house and spend a lot of time taking care of our roses and fruit trees while Joëlle takes care of her nice garden.

When it's time to relax or if someone in the house is sick, I like to use aromatherapy. I have a good collection of essential oils and use them to make everyone feel better. I recently started to make my own Lavender oil from our own plants. My yearly production is around 150 ml of oil and 10 liters of hydrolat.

In my spare time, I like to read about Chinese Medecine, Gardening, Computers, Mechanics and Japanese Swords

I don't have a blog, I use Flipboard instead. Check my magazines here --> Marc66

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